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Plenty of space to flower out

WIKA France has moved into a new building close to the previous one. With pressure gauge 10 bar of 3,000 square metres, the available space for the subsidiary has more than doubled. At the same time, the organisation was newly structured. “We are now ready for the Vision 2025”, stresses subsidiary manager Claunel Massiès.
Given pressure gauge 10 bar cramped conditions in the previous building, the move to a larger domicile had become imperative: In 24 years, the staff has more than doubled and, in addition, the company DH Desgranges & Huot with its 20 employees had also moved into the building in 2015.
The new three-level building offers sufficient space for the further development of the subsidiary. Besides the enlargement of the spatial conditions, WIKA France has also re-organised the company structure in order to be prepared for an optimum business development:
Now the telemarketing department has an independent room for its activities. A technical hotline was set up for the calibration service in order to be able to answer customers questions more quickly and to accelerate the follow-up activities. The general availability of the subsidiary over the telephone was enlarged so that it is now easier for customers to reach them by phone.
The new premises include an impressive showroom.
Individual premises
Now each department has its own area which is perfectly adapted to its needs. Management, sales and after-sales service have now their separate rooms. Then there are new rooms for internal and customer trainings, a showroom as well as a new recreation area with a feel-good atmosphere.
The conditions for DH and the calibration service have also improved significantly. The space for the accredited calibration laboratory is now twice as great as in the previous building, allowing it to increase the service activity.