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Armstrong webinar advises on the secure reopening of buildings

Armstrong Fluid Technology is offering building managers and HVAC professionals an informative new webinar entitled How to Open Buildings That Have Been Shut Down for Long Periods, which advises them on the method to properly and safely restart mechanical methods.
diaphragm seal , senior application engineer, Armstrong Fluid Technology, mentioned: “As Covid-19 has swept the planet, most industrial and industrial buildings have been affected in some trend. It is essential in the days and weeks ahead that building mangers properly and safely restart their mechanical methods to keep away from expensive and doubtlessly harmful start-up issues.”

The 40-minute complimentary webinar provides an action plan for bringing hydronic methods, air-side techniques and plumbing methods back to full capacity. It covers such important points as system flushing, bacteriological testing, required PPE, safely changing filters, cleansing tools and more.