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There is a growing trend in the direction of electrification and an ever-increasing demand for more energy-efficient alternate options to compressed air techniques. The major factors for consideration when selecting the ideal various actuator kind are typically cost, threat, performance and availability.
Cost reduction

Electric valves provide considerably higher efficiency, and consequently a greater energy balance, in comparability with pneumatic techniques. เกจวัดแรงดัน to a single energy form leads to value savings by way of decrease set up and upkeep requirements. Additionally, the system availability is increased, since potential faults are reduced.
Risk reduction

In the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries, the important process steps require sterile compressed air. The technology of sterile compressed air together with the sterilising capability of the entire system should be taken into consideration. Electrical valves can get rid of the chance of contamination. In regard to industrial applications, if contaminated compressed air gets into the system or if there are fluctuations within the compressed air network, it could possibly result in irreparable malfunctioning of pneumatic elements.
Performance enhance

Thanks to their exact management methods with no overshooting and independence from the medium strain, motorized valves are a fitting alternative for management functions. In conjunction with a particularly excessive positioning accuracy, this results in appreciable increases in productivity. A wide range of parameterization and diagnostic services that form the idea for growing digitalization are often part of electrical valves (industry 4.zero applications).

In many areas of application, there could be simply no compressed air available for all kinds of causes. In contrast to this, electrical energy is practically ubiquitous – electrically operated valves can be used nearly anyplace within the facility.
The right selection of valve

GEMÜ provides an in depth range of electrical valves for a wide variety of purposes.
diaphragm seal GEMÜ R629 eSyLite is a low-cost diaphragm valve for easy and cost-sensitive functions. It constitutes an economical various to solenoid valves manufactured from plastic or motorized plastic ball valves. Alternatively, GEMÜ eSyStep valves are designed for standard open/closed and easy control applications, that includes a compact spindle actuator with step motor and could be mounted with electrical position indicators or journey sensors.
For variable and complicated open/closed and control functions, GEMÜ eSyDrive is extra suitable. Designed on the premise of the hole shaft precept at the aspect of expertise that does not use brushes/sensors, the eSyDrive actuator sets new standards when it comes to service life, compactness, actuating pace and vitality efficiency. The self-locking actuator additionally presents a high stage of reproducibility for positioning and is due to this fact best to be used in control purposes.
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YouTube Video: Commissioning GEMÜ eSyDrive: https://youtu.be/3jNx_mCgW6Y